Vehicular Assistance Needed!!

It’s really difficult to put myself out there, but I need to put that aside and admit- I need help.
On 12/25 at 5am my parked vehicle was totaled by a drunk driver while I was out of state. Oh, and guess what? He didn’t have insurance.
i had what I *thought* was “Uninsured Motorist” insurance- turns out that only insured the vehicle if I was in it and had some kind of medical issue. It honestly makes no sense and I plan on pursuing the insurance company and the owner of the vehicle for reprimands, but that is going to take a lot of time and money that I don’t have and doesn’t fix my current situation.
So my vehicle is just a crumpled mess that I’m responsible for hauling and getting rid of. Yay.
RIP, Spider, she really served me well.
Why I am asking for help- I heavily rely on my vehicle for hauling all of my marketplace materials to sell, to run packages, to get supplies, etc. This is my main source of income. This whole incident is devastating to my business and my livelihood. I am at a complete loss.
I will be using the funds toward finding an appropriate vehicle for my business, purchasing public transit passes for the meantime and hopefully finding a lawyer to combat this whole issue.
Honestly, anything helps right now- if you purchase items on Sui Generis Magicka or donate here, or even just boost the signal on social media- it’s so appreciated!!

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