Dark Ambient Sound Bath Ticket- 6/2 ABQ

Dark Ambient Sound Bath Ticket- 6/2 ABQ

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Join us for the premier of Dark Ambient Sound Bath at Black Wall Gallery !

The Dark Ambient Sound Bath is a unique experience. Our focus here, like most sound baths, is healing, however, our methods are different...

What is a "sound bath"?
A sound bath is an improvisational concert of sound and vibration geared toward healing and relaxation of the participant and utilizes gongs, chimes and crystal bowls.
Most sound bath experiences are centered around love and light. While those can be helpful and useful, We found a deficit in the recognition of our shadow selves. This is about balance. This is a safe place for your primal self to be honored and expressed.

The theme for this experience is "Exorcism". We will be guiding a meditation for you to center yourself and solidify your intention. We will also enable a breath work technique to tap into an altered mindset. You will then be bathed in the sounds of live dark ambient music to inspire your own unique journey. You may experience an emotional response, visions, or bodily impulses.

Live soundscapes by Kenneth Cornell
Facilitated by Lauren Davis

You will be sitting/laying for the duration of this event.
Doors open at 7:45pm for check-in and close promptly at 8pm for us to begin.
Pre-Registration recommended as space is limited. 

Please bring:
•Blanket/ yoga mat/ bolsters/ pillow
•Wear comfortable clothing 
•Masks (optional, this is an enclosed space)

Complementary tea will be served to enhance your experience.

Space is limited, reserve your spot soon!

Early bird: $30 (till June 1st)
Door: $35

**No refund policy for non attendance.**
If you are struggling financially, please contact us! We believe everyone deserves access to healing. 

Kenneth Cornell is an artist and electronic musician based in New Mexico. Some current projects are:
Alchemical Burn (https://on.soundcloud.com/gRdsvPWZw1dEi4NdA)
Enemy Tone (https://on.soundcloud.com/GvoLayCGCqAJh1WV7)

Lauren Davis is a visceral, ritual performance artist utilizing Butoh and pain rites to explore the depths of our own shadows, unearth the subconscious and work within primal, ecstatic and altered states of consciousness. Lauren founded and directs the feral femme extreme performance art group, Coven of Ashes. She is also the founder of Dark Ambient Sound Bath, a darker, jungian approach to sound healing and meditation. She now performs rituals under "Sui Generis Magicka", which also offers ritual provisions, tools and workshops in addition to performance art.