Blood Magick Courses Now Enrolling!!

I am happy to be working with Mystic Mysteries to present to you two, hour long classes in Blood Magick! 

Blood Magick 101-Rituals and Rites of Passage

October 19th @ 6p PST

In part one of my Blood Magick Series I will be reviewing the historical and cultural edification of blood rites and practices. This class will serve as a condensed overview of the cultural and religious pain rituals and ceremonies, varying types of bloodletting practices both ancient and modern as well as reading suggestions. **This is a prerequisite to 102**


Blood Magick 102-Hematic Offerings in Ritual Practice

October 26th @ 6p PST

In part two of this series, I will discuss how, when and why to incorporate blood Magick into your practice. With an emphasis on safety, this class will cover practical application of blood into your spell work, precautions and setup. To close out the series I will cover implements to use, containment and where to get hands on practice.

There are also a host of other wonderful courses and practitioners! Check it out!!

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