Coven of Ashes

Coven of Ashes is an ongoing project of femme fronted performance art, under the direction of Lauren Davis of Sui Generis Magicka.

The entities gathered for this project utilize ritual intent and movement, performance art and bloodletting (piercing, energy pulls, flesh hook suspension and free bleeding) to express and manifest ideas that challenge the mind and body of the performer as well as the audience.

The Inception of Coven of Ashes

Coven of Ashes began as a singular project of female artists coming together, under the direction of Lauren Davis, for an intimate showcase of extreme feminist art at The Black Castle's Ceremony of Black Art in Los Angeles 2015.

The project was to utilize the modern dance form of Japanese Butoh to create a visually stunning, intimate and vulnerable performance piece. This dance forms original intent in the 1960's, was to create a representation of the lost souls of Hiroshima re-inhabiting their bodies.

With this intent in mind, we channeled women persecuted for witchcraft in Salem, and let the souls of those women re-inhabit and possess our bodies. Beginning as ash, we rose into flames to be accused in trial and admit our guilt of sin with pride.

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