Dark Ambient Sound Bath

What is Dark Ambient Sound Bath?

The Dark Ambient Sound Bath is a unique experience. Our focus here, like most sound baths is healing, however, our methods are different.

A sound bath is an improvisational concert of sound and vibration geared toward healing and relaxation of the participant utilizing gongs, chimes and crystal bowls. While most sound baths utilize acoustic instrumentation, we utilize electronic music as the base of our sound.

Most sound bath experiences are centered around love and light. While those can be helpful and useful, We found a deficit in the recognition of our primal, shadow selves. This is about balance. This is a safe place for your primal self to be honored, expressed, and explored.

The Dark Ambient Sound Baths typically include a guided, intention setting meditation, breath work, visualizations and then the sound bath, itself. As a participant, you spend most of this time seated, or lying in a comfortable position on the floor.

You may experience visions, an emotional response or bodily impulses. We are not too sure when we open the door to the subconscious, what lies on the other side.

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Now serving handmade herbal tea blends to enhance your
Dark Ambient Sound Bath experience!
If you've been to one of our in-person sound baths, you may recall the tea served which corresponded with the theme presented that evening.
Now you can take that experience home with you to enjoy before, during or after our live virtual events!





What fears, insecurities or negative attributes are holding you back? When we let these forces consume us, they manifest as our own personal "demons". Dive deep into the unconscious for a visceral experience that shatters and releases these negative characteristics through cathartic primal screaming. 


Paralysis can come in many forms- physical and emotional. Stagnation of the mind or creative blocks can be metaphorically paralyzing based in fear, uncertainty and complacency. Break through what is holding you back.


Our dreams often contain archetypal undertones, subliminal messages and subconscious desires. Our focus for this sound bath is to tap into your dream's meaning, gain insight and uncover hidden truths. What reveals itself may be surprising.


Delve into deconstructing oneself. Like the crumbling Tower tarot, destruction and upheaval liberates and creates a fertile soil upon which to grow a solid foundation.


A guided practice of divination to reveal what goes unseen in the physical realm and what lies deep in your subconscious.

The Void:

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Nelson Martinez
Megan Brown
Adam Thompson
Trevor Henthor
Skye X
Madamn Burnz
Nathan Schmidt
Matthew Setzer






"What if I told you that we are all demonically possessed? What if I revealed that an exorcism can be performed by someone who is not a Catholic priest or man? That you can experience the exorcism of your own evil spirits?

Drawing on ritualistic practices and Jungian psychological methods, Dark Ambient Sound Bath provides a healing space that welcomes all who are broken, damaged and tormented. The mantra is, “Redefining wellness by exploring the shadow within,” and it is these inner shadows that you will confront and purge during the experience."
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L.A.’s Creepiest Sound Bath Includes Primal Screaming and an ‘Exorcism’ Theme


"Do you enjoy self-care, but bristle at the idea of “love and light?” Are you more likely to meditate to Throbbing Gristle than Enya? Well, fellow spooky friends, there’s finally a sound bath for you! Lauren Davis and Adam Thompson have been putting on their Dark Ambient Sound Bath sporadically for the past two years, flipping back and forth between Los Angeles and the Bay Area." [Read More]

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Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is a Sound Bath?

A sound bath is a relaxation technique and meditative experience whereby participants 'bathe' in the sound waves produced by the human voice as well as instruments such as chimes, gongs, drums and singing bowls.

What is Dark Ambient music?

Dark Ambient is a genre of music that features an ominous, dark droning and often gloomy atmosphere with discordant overtones. 

How will this help me?

We believe that by recognizing and taking accountability for our subconscious or our "shadow self" that we can unlock and achieve full spectrum healing on a deeper level where trauma, ego, toxicity, stagnation and primitive animal instincts settle beneath the surface.

What is "shadow work" or "the shadow self"?

In Jungian psychology, the "shadow", "Id", or "shadow aspect/archetype" may refer to an unconscious aspect of the personality which the conscious ego does not identify in itself.

What is "Jungian psychology"?

AKA "Analytical psychology", or "Jungian Analysis", coined by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, it is distinguished by a focus on the role of symbolic and spiritual experiences in human life, and rests on Jung's theory of archetypes and the existence of a deep psychic space or collective unconscious.

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What happens in a Dark Ambient Sound Bath?

When you walk in, you are greeted by Lauren for intake and complementary tea that corresponds to the theme and intention of the sound bath to enhance your experience (ingredients are listed).
Participants often remove their shoes and create a comfortable space to lay within the venue. Lauren will then introduce the theme and musician for the evening and begin with a guided meditation. This will then lead into breath work or visualizations depending on the theme as you are bathed in live dark ambient music.

How long is the Dark Ambient Sound Bath?

In total, the experience is about 90 minutes from entry to exit.

Can my child participate?

This experience can be intense and is not recommended for anyone under the age of 18. Contact us if you have a mature teen that is interested in accompanying you.

Is this a religious experience?

This is an intense healing experience that can be emotional and feel spiritual in nature. It delves into Jungian psychological theory. It is in no way religious.



 "Not your mama's sound bath. The space to explore darkness & shadow selves spiritually was a delight & relief. Deeply meaningful. The performance of the auditory accompaniment (it was so much more than music) and our guide were perfect. I am still processing and deeply appreciate the opportunity and the work they are doing."
"Truly does work. I am still processing what happened. It is an intense experience of "peace after chaos" within yourself, and so was the identically themed healing exercise itself."
"I was lucky enough to be at the first one and was blown away. I’ve been to hundreds of sound baths, but never one that celebrates the shadow like this one. It is so important that Healing includes the shadow and not just the light.
I left feeling nurtured, cleared and the dark part of me understood and celebrated."
"This sound bath is incredible and completely unique. It is so well orchestrated, the energy was amazing, and I felt like I was in completely capable hands. I had a profound experience and left feeling so connected! If you get a chance to check this out, you absolutely should."

"I had quite the wonderful mind trip. Lauren puts together a really thoughtful and beautiful experience that more people should indulge in. It was quite astounding to be able to explore other realms through this performance. I would highly recommend! Thank you for an awesome time!"
This sound bath is unlike the others! You will be taken into internal places within yourself through deep frequencies, stimulating soundscapes and Lauren's fantastic guidance. I had an intense emotional reaction. There is a climax that allows you to release hidden tension followed by floating back into your strengths & serenity. This sound bath allows you to tune into your Shadow Self, an aspect too commonly neglected. Wonderful Experience!"
"This was one of the coolest experiences I've had in my life. Lauren does a great job of lifting you up and dropping you back down to Earth. I would recommend this experience to anyone. It's refreshing to get in touch with your primal side and embracing it, at least for a little while."
"One of the most accessible sound baths I have been to that provided me the transcendental meditation I needed through the dark soundscapes I thoroughly enjoy. Thank you!"
"Dark Ambient Sound Bath acts as a hypnotic portal to a a nether-worldly, sometimes nightmarish realm within your consciousness and your own void. Transcendental, meditative and reflective as the best of entheogenic experiences can be, yet utilizing only your imagination and inner sanctum. A truly enshrouding and enlightening experience. It’s less of an escape than it is a portal to direct and visceral confrontation with the Lovecraftian demons, specters and hidden monsters within one’s own consciousness. Powerful use of music, ambience and will. Participants tend to emerge genuinely affected with a sense of inner clarity. I know I did. Could not hope for a more adept mistress of ceremonies than Lauren Davis who guides us to the depths - and like in all of her other projects - manages to blur the line beyond recognition between theatrics and diabolical ritual invocation."
"The Dark Ambient Sound Bath experience creates a beautiful space for self-exploration. I have been to the two events held in the Bay Area thus far. Upon entry, the facilitators do a great job of making people feel comfortable and at ease with being in a somewhat vulnerable space with 25-30 other people. As for the experience itself, the combination of breath work, guided meditation, and the music consisting of layered soundscapes that accompany, and at times inform the parameters of an individual experience, provides a unique and enjoyable to way to experience the self. It is clear there is a lot of care and thought behind this project. They are providing a space for individuals to have a collective healing experience. With all that is happening in our collective consciousness, I am grateful that this project exists, so that I (we) can benefit from it."
"I was lucky enough to attend the Exorcism Soundbath. I hadn’t done something like this before and so I wasn’t sure what to expect. What drew me to the event was that it was a guided meditation. I hadn’t done a lot of meditation on my own before so I thought it was cool that this would be directional. The environment felt safe and welcoming, even though it was a room full of strangers. Lauren, the woman leading through the meditation was clear in her speaking with an empathetic tone which quickly seemed to get everyone in the right headspace. There were live musicians whose ambient music immersed us in a blanket of sounds that also readied my mind for the meditative exorcism. When my eyes were closed, the way everything was done made me feel isolated, like I was on my own journey a thousand miles away from people even though it was a full room. Following the meditation, my experience became intense and personal but never overwhelming in a bad way. I’m so glad I went to this, well worth it and I feel it really helped me. Looking forward to the next one they do in the Bay Area!"