My Blood Magick Livestream Class Hosted by Witchlab!!

Witchlab is hosting my Blood Magick 101 and 102 livestream classes! 

Class Fee: $30 each or $55 for both if bought at the same time.  

101 Class: Thursday, April 1st, 2021 
7p-8:30p Eastern Standard Time
(5p-6:30p for Mountain Time)
(4p-5:30p for Pacific Time)
102 Class: Thursday, April 8th 2021 
7pm to 8:30pm. EST 

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Blood Magick 101- Rituals and Rites of Passage
Historical edification of blood rites and practices.

This class serves as a condensed overview of the cultural and religious pain rituals and ceremonies, varying types of bloodletting practices both ancient and modern, reading suggestions.

Blood Magick 102- Hematic Offerings in Ritual Practice
Incorporating blood magick into your workings

This class covers practical application of blood into your spellwork, safety precautions and setup, implements to use, containment, where to get hands on practice and veinal vs. menstrual.

101 is a prerequisite for 102. For those who aren't sure about signing up for both classes, you have the option to take just the first one and sign up for the second one later, but you must take 101 to be eligible to register for 102.  

A special offer will be given to those who complete 102!

What's so great about participating in the live classes? 

Glad you asked! Live classes mean interaction. You can ask me questions in real time, as we are going through the slides and having discussion. Meet and chat with others of similar interests! 

If the time and date doesn't work for you, the classes WILL be available for download after the class.

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