Circling Sorrows Performance!!

Ariellah Darker Still Productions and CounterPulse Theatre present:

Circling Sorrows:

Suffering Explorations-The Ache of Disconnect

Circling Sorrows is a collection of ruminating sorrows and resiliency explorations(suffering explorations if you will) that explore hardship, grief, and loss and how we can re-connect to a more compassionate and loving world.  We invite you to join us as we take a deep dive exploration through movement and sound…

Circling Sorrows is a walk in the garden of decline that is our world.

Struggling to emerge from the dominant paradigm of disconnect…

A returning back into the world of connection.

Blossoming resiliency.


With each act’s exploration of movement and sound, there comes ache and awakening.

Awakening to suffering.

Awakening to connection.

Awakening to awareness.

Awakening and remembering our most truest, inner selves.

Dismal Times, Revolutionary Connection…

It is a place where shadows are explored, suffering is given voice, and the erosion of connection is exposed.  It is an awakening to the heartache of disconnect, so to speak, as we find ourselves in the garden of decline, stuck in the paradigm of disconnect.

Our world holds both personal and collective trauma.

All of life is suffering...and our desire to be free from it.

The first step is to dive, willingly, into our grief, our loss, our suffering, our trauma.

From there we can be available to come from a place of love and compassion,

allowing us to reconnect with ourselves,

each other

and the natural world around us.   

From this place,

we can then forge new stories as a new, more connected, collective.

From UNconscious to WE-conscious.

THIS, is revolutionary connection.

We invite you to immerse in this deep dive exploration and inhalation with us…


Circling Sorrows includes laments from the following artists:


Anandha Ray

Bad Unkl Sista

Paul Mercer

Lauren Davis of Sui Generis Magicka

Deshret Dance Company



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