Dark Ambient Sound Bath Livestream!!

Lauren of Sui Generis Magicka is hosting a livestream event called Dark Ambient Sound Bath!!

The Dark Ambient Sound Bath is a unique experience. Our focus here, like most sound baths, is healing, however, our methods are different...

The theme for this experience is Exorcism. What fears, insecurities or negative attributes are holding you back? When we let these forces consume us, they manifest as our own personal "demons". Dive deep into the unconscious for a visceral experience that shatters and releases these negative characteristics through cathartic primal screaming.

What is a sound bath?

A "sound bath" is an improvisational concert of sound and vibration geared toward healing and relaxation of the participant typically utilizing gongs, chimes and crystal bowls.
Most sound bath experiences are centered around love and light. While those can be helpful and useful, We found a deficit in the recognition of our shadow selves. This is about balance. This is a safe place for your primal self to be honored and expressed.

Your facilitator Lauren will guide a meditation and breath work technique to tap into an altered mindset. You will then be bathed in a live dark ambient soundscape to inspire your own unique journey. You may experience an emotional response, visions, or bodily impulses.
Soundscapes by Nelson

Ticket Link: https://suigenerismagicka.com/products/dark-ambient-sound-bath-livestream-ticket-exorcism

Items you may want to have on hand:
-Water or your DASB Herbal tea blend
-Blanket, pillow or yoga mat (you want to be comfortable for this)
-A journal for recording your experience
-A space where you will be un-disturbed for the duration of the sound bath

A link will be sent to your email address
24 hours in advance

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