"Possession Is Totally My Kink" Podcast with Lauren

In episode 10 of Revolutionary Mystic Podcast, Lauren Davis (she/her), of Sui Generis Magicka, a Diné (Navajo) multiracial performance artist & Chaos Magician, talks with Mētztli all about their craft in this particularly aptly timed *spooky season* episode. Sharing about all of her expressions through the Dark Arts, flesh suspension rituals, her origins in bellydance (how she met Mētztli!), channeling spirits & entities through Butoh, performance rituals with Coven of Ashes, offering collective care via public sound healing & exorcisms with the Dark Ambient Sound Bath, and her new venture crafting ritual supplies for Left Hand practitioners, and more! Follow, subscribe, listen and give the Revolutionary Mystic Podcast a 5 star rating from wherever you listen to podcasts!

Listen Here: "Possession is Totally My Kink"

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