🪝🩸SGM Flight Rites🦇

We are pleased to announce Flight Rites, our solstice and equinox group flesh hook suspension days!! Our 1st rites begin Sept 23rd, 2023!! 🪝🩸

Group Suspension Days allow for us to facilitate several suspensions in a single day. This does mean a little less privacy as there will be guests present with the other suspendees and we may limit flying time if there are many to do that day. 

If you have a ritual you would like to perform before/during your suspension, we will absolutely honor that time and space needed to carry out the ritual. We ask that you be mindful of the other suspendee’s time. 

Group suspension days will fall on the weekend before or after the Solstice/Equinox, if it does not fall on one of those already. We'll determine a spot indoors or outdoors (weather permitting) and we'll post before the suspension day to give time for sign ups. Please DM us to sign up!

2-4 point suspensions preferred.

More complex suspensions need to be discussed and may need to be performed as a private ritual due to time, piercing and rigging complexity and equipment needed.

We can also facilitate hook pulls, cheekspears and/or play piercing rituals at these group events. 

If you're interested in flesh hook suspension, energy pulls, spears or play piercing come and talk to us at Market of the Beast or send us a message!


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